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• ObamaCare damage control
• Rollout botch plays big in Virginia
• No shutdown for congressional slush funds
• Rubio sticks with Mitch
• You know it’s Florida if…

OBAMA TRIES DAMAGE CONTROL ON HEALTH LAW -You know a Web site is in rough shape when the first fix being touted is to send people to a 1-800 number instead. That’s one of the repairs that administration officials are selling today ahead of a speech by President Obama addressing growing frustrations with the online home of his new health-insurance entitlement program, ObamaCare. The official position from Obamaland, laid out in a background briefing, is that the president will address “troubles that he and his team find unacceptable.” No doubt. The crash-prone Web site has become a huge embarrassment for Democrats who were hoping the rollout of taxpayer-subsidized insurance would soften resistance to the law. Instead, major problems with the sign-up portal, data reliability for those who make it through and sticker shock at the plans being offered are sapping public confidence in the plan pushed by the supposedly tech-savvy president.

[Windy City Chill: NY Post details how Obama’s biggest 2008 benefactor, Oprah Winfrey, snubbed White House Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett’s request to promote ObamaCare.]

[Watch Fox: President Obama addresses problems with ObamaCare’s health exchange website in the 11 a.m. ET hour]

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