As the final vote that will enable Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., to add Obamacare funding back into the continuing resolution nears, conservatives have a message for moderate Senate Republicans: Don't be number 7.

Reid and his Senate Democratic allies currently control 54 votes in the United States Senate. That means they only need 6 Republicans to cross party lines and vote with Reid to end debate on the CR and allow Democrats to put Obamacare funding back into the CR by majority vote. Senate conservatives know that Reid has the six votes he needs to get to 60.

So Senate conservatives are asking their Republican colleagues, "Why be number seven?"

"Why put up with the headache of defending this vote at every townhall and in every constituent meeting?" a conservative Republican aide told the Washington Examiner. "Reid has the votes. The motion to end debate will pass. Why not vote how your constituents want you to vote?"

Despite winning over conservatives nationwide, senators supporting the defunding strategy know many of their colleagues will vote against them. Right now they are hoping they can get 20, maybe 25 votes, to stop giving Reid the power to add Obamacare funding back into the CR.