Obamacare funding and implementation would continue even if the federal government is shut down, according to a Congressional Research Service memorandum prepared for Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla.

The CRS memo does not appear to address the question of what would happen in the unlikely event that President Obama and Senate Democrats agreed to defund the Affordable Care Act — whether discontinuing financial support for Obamacare would halt its implementation. Some congressional Republicans have expressed a willingness to shut down the government when funding runs out on Sept. 30, if Obama doesn't agree to defund his signature health care law.

Coburn opposes this strategy, arguing that it would fail because Senate Democrats and the president would never agree to defunding.

The Oklahoman also believes the tactic would boomerang on the Republicans in the 2014 elections. Meanwhile, the CRS memo explains that funding and implementation for Obamacare would proceed apace in the event that Democrats and Republicans failed to agree on funding for fiscal year 2014, which begins Oct. 1, and a protracted government shutdown ensued.

A link the full memo can be found here. A summary of the document can be located here.