A top Obamacare group is demanding that the Senate oppose Alex Azar, President Trump’s pick to lead the Department of Health and Human Services, because he will continue efforts to sabotage the law.

“Alex Azar is ready to lead the Republican war on healthcare into its second year, sabotaging and repealing the ACA and Medicaid, raising premiums and gutting protections,” according to a digital ad from the group Protect Our Care released Monday.

The ad plays up Azar’s time leading the U.S. division of drug maker Eli Lilly. It also charges Azar will continue to “sabotage” the law.

Critics point to several moves by the Trump administration to “sabotage” Obamacare, including cutting ad funding by 90 percent from $100 million to $10 million for the 2018 open enrollment period that ended Dec. 15.

The Trump administration counters that it doesn’t need the $100 million in ad funding that was spent in 2016 because more people know about Obamacare.

The digital ad debuted a day before Azar’s confirmation hearing on Tuesday before the Senate Finance Committee.

During an earlier confirmation hearing last year before the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, Azar faced questions from Democrats over his time as the head of Eli Lilly.