Confidence in Obamacare has plummeted since President Obama's reelection, with most now expecting health care costs to surge, medical service to sink, and the nation's economy to take an unexpected body blow, according to a new poll.

Rasmussen Reports tells Secrets that one out of two voters now has an unfavorable opinion of the health reform, which just celebrated its third birthday and is about eight months from being fully implemented. The pollster said that 50 percent view it unfavorably, 44 percent favorably, the widest gap since Election Day.

What's more, the pollster said that 19 percent with a "very favorable" opinion of the law and 36 percent with a "very unfavorable" one.

It seems that the reason for the continued unpopularity of Obamacare is the expectations that all the promises by the president and Democrats will fall short.

For example, 55 percent of the 1,000 likely voters polled by Rasmussen believe the cost of health care will go up under the law. Seventy-five percent think the law is likely to cost more than the official estimates. Another 51 percent think the health care law will increase that deficit.

And maybe worst of all, just 23% expect the law to improve the quality of health care, said Rasmussen. A huge 49 percent believe health care quality will get worse.