Uninsured and underinsured Americans caused health insurance premiums to rise and taxes to increase by getting sick and going to the emergency room, according to President Obama.

What he didn't mention, however, in his defense of Obamacare on Wednesday is that his solution raised premiums and taxes even higher.

Obama, after saying Obamacare provided "health care security" for insured and uninsured Americans, made the case for the health care law by saying “we pay more in premiums and taxes when Americans without good insurance visit the emergency room."

Funny he should say that, because health care premiums have been increasing despite Obamacare being on the books for three years, and in many cases because of the health care law.

In 45 states, insurance premiums will increase by up to 250 percent, according to a study from the Heritage Foundation.

Don't want to believe Heritage? No problem, just read all the stories about people who have gone to healthcare.gov and seen their premiums increase, such as in California or Florida.

And don't forget the Manhattan Institute analysis that said premiums for young men would increase by 97 to 99 percent and premiums for young women would increase 55 to 62 percent.

As for taxes, there are at least 20 new taxes in Obamacare costing taxpayers and companies billions of dollars.

So part of the need for Obamacare was that premiums and taxes were going up because of the uninsured, but to fix that, premiums and taxes went up.