Good etiquette means never saying "I told you so" to the thick-headed twit who ignored your sage advice, right? Well, sometimes the temptation is just too much.

Such apparently was the situation this morning for "Stew," a highly-placed grizzled veteran of a Senate Republican aide with a somewhat warped sense of humor.

It seems that, as Obamacare's March 31 sign-up deadline nears, Stew is continually reminded of a prophesy uttered four years ago by New York Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer during an appearance on NBC's "Meet the Press."

Soon they'll love it!

Asked by host David Gregory about Obamacare's unpopularity, Schumer responded: “Well, I think as people learn about the bill, and now that the bill is enacted, it's going to become more and more popular.

"And here's why, two things happen, David. First, the lies that have been spread, they vanish because you see what's in the bill. … And the number one lie that bothers people is ‘You'll lose your insurance if you have it now and you're pretty happy with it.’ ...

“So I predict, David, by November those who voted for health care will find it an asset, those who voted against it will find it a liability.”

Well, not quite

So, now it's four years later, and AP reports things haven't quite worked out as Schumer predicted:

· Public support for President Barack Obama's health care law is languishing at its lowest level since passage of the landmark legislation four years ago, according to a new poll.

· In April of 2010, soon after the law passed, 50 percent of Americans said they were opposed to it, while 39 percent were in favor. Ten percent were on the fence. Now, just 26 percent say they are in favor, a drop of 13 percentage points.

In other words, Schumer got it exactly wrong, so if you ever chance upon a dimly lit house to which is affixed a sign reading "Schumer Tells Your Fortune," it would probably be a good idea to just keep walking.

Ever the gentleman, Stew helpfully provided a selection of vicious puppy attacks to help Schumer fans cope with their grief.

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