White House Press Secretary Jay Carney admitted to reporters on Monday that there were still problems with the federal Obamacare website for health care exchanges.

Carney said government engineers were working on the problem, but continued to blame the high volume of online traffic for the difficulties experienced on the site.

"CMS has put up a gate at the front end of the system that places visitors in a waiting room and lets them in at a particular pace so that the surge in volume does not cause the problems that it caused in the past," Carney said during Monday's White House press briefing.

Carney said site engineers were "adding server capacity" and "making software changes" to the website to make the system more efficient.

Technology experts have criticized what they describe as the flawed design and functionality of the website since it launched last week.

On Oct. 4, the Department of Health and Human Services announced that the website would be turned off over the weekend to make additional changes.

Users continued to report significant problems and errors with the site after it went back up Monday.