President Obama averaged a 45.8 percent approval rating in 2013, according to a report from Gallup.

The rating represents a 2.3 point drop from his average approval rating in 2012, prior to the multitude of scandals that have plagued the beginning of his second term. The rating also makes Obama’s fifth year in office his second-worst, behind his third year, when his average approval rating was just 44.4 percent.

“Obama's fifth year in office, which included the troubled rollout of his signature healthcare law and a government shutdown, was a difficult one,” Gallup said. "His approval ratings nosedived after re-election in a similar way to those of George W. Bush and, to a more extreme degree, Nixon, after they were re-elected.

“Neither of those two presidents recovered from that point on,” Gallup added.

Obama’s fifth year average is higher than Nixon’s (41.1 percent) and just barely higher than Bush’s (45.7 percent).

More troubling for Obama, however, is his most recent quarterly average — 41.2 percent. That rating was just 0.2 percent above his lowest quarter average on record.

The Gallup rating was based on 175,000 daily tracking interviews conducted during Obama’s fifth year in office.