President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama paid $98,169 in federal taxes for 2013 on a reported gross income of $481,098, the White House announced on Friday.

In a blogpost on the White House website, press secretary Jay Carney said the president's federal tax rate was 20.4 percent. The Obamas also filed an Illinois return and paid $23,328 in state taxes.

The White House also released Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden's tax returns, and said the two reported an adjusted gross income of $407,009.

“The Bidens paid $96,378 in total federal tax for 2013, amounting to an effective tax rate of 23.7 percent. They also paid $14,644 in Delaware income tax and Dr. Biden paid $3,470 in Virginia income tax,” said the White House.

The president and first lady also donated $59,251 — about 12.3 percent of their gross income to 32 different charities. The largest donation was $8,751 to the Fisher House Foundation.

The Bidens donated $20,523 to charity last year.

President Obama has pushed for higher taxes on wealthy earners and has vowed to make fighting income inequality his second-term priority.

“The President pushed for and signed into law legislation that makes the system more fair and helps the middle class by extending tax cuts to middle class and working families and asks the wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share,” said the White House Friday.