President Obama's non-stop assault on Mitt Romney's tenure at Bain Capital investments is working to undercut the Republican's main argument for running: as a long time businessman, he has what it takes to fix the lackluster economy.

According to a new Rasmussen Reports poll of 1,000 likely voters, the attacks have made some voters switch their opinion of Romney's business record and now Americans are equally divided on whether the ex-Bain executive's real world experience is a positive or negative.

Rasmussen Monday morning reported that 41 percent say Romney's business experience is primarily a reason to vote for him, while an equal 41 percent say it's a chief reason to vote against him. In May, only 33 percent saw his business experience as a reason to vote against Romney, while 44 percent said it was a positive.

"These findings suggest that President Obama's attacks on Romney's tenure as a venture capitalist with the Bain Capital investment firm may be having some effect," said Rasmussen.

Worse, said the polling outfit, "voters not affiliated with either party felt Romney's business experience was a reason to vote for him by a 48 percent to 25 percent margin in May. Now only 40 percent of those voters agree, and nearly as many, 37 percent, disagree."

Romney, however, gets the poll's nod for being more ethical than Obama, possibly the result of Romney's ads attacking the president.