President Obama wants to build on his efforts to curb veterans' homelessness with an historic effort over the next decade to reduce homelessness for families with children, especially in cities with especially high rental prices.

His 2017 budget plan, which the White House will announce Tuesday, will include $11 billion to help house families across the country.

The proposal includes $8.8 billion for housing vouchers and $2.2 billion in more short-term assistance.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development, says the funds will help 550,000 families "lift themselves out of homelessness and into opportunity."

In December, the department issued a report that said the number of veterans staying in shelters or on the streets had fallen by nearly 80 percent since 2009. Some veterans groups have disputed the tally but acknowledge that significant progress has been made in reducing veterans' homelessness in recent years.

The department also claims a 19 percent decrease in family homelessness since 2010 but says far more needs to be done.

"Last year on a single night in January, more than 64,000 families were experiencing homeless nationwide," the agency said. "Those families included more than 123,000 children."

"While that represents a 19 percent decrease in family homelessness since 2010, major cities around the country struggling with rental affordability crises are also experiencing significant increases in homelessness," it added.