The Obama administration's head of the Environmental Protection Agency is hanging onto her Twitter handle although she is officially out of a job.

The EPA website has replaced Administrator Gina McCarthy's face and likeness with that of Acting Administrator Catherine McCabe, the former deputy regional administrator of EPA's Region 2 office in New York City. McCabe will fill in temporarily as EPA chief until President Trump's nominee is confirmed by the Senate.

McCarthy has yet to change her social media accounts. For example, her Twitter handle still identifies her as EPA administrator. But that will change soon.

She tweeted out a video ahead of Trump's inauguration that said she was phasing out her accounts, asking EPA supporters to keep up the fight to protect the environment.

"Thanks for following me these past few years as EPA administrator," McCarthy said. "Your encouragement and support has meant the world to me."

"So while I am signing off on my official social media accounts, we all know that our mission to protect public health and the environment has to continue," McCarthy said in the video. "So, make sure to keep lifting up your voices. Keep working together so that we can protect our precious planet as well as give our kids a clean, healthy future to enjoy."

Trump has nominated Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to lead the agency. Pruitt is facing substantial pushback from Democrats and environmental groups for his involvement in litigation challenging the EPA's climate rules and other regulations. Pruitt's critics say he would roll back the mission of the EPA to protect the environment and the public health.

On the EPA's website Monday, under the new acting administrator's name it reads: "EPA's mission is to protect human health and the environment."