Brandon Hurlbut was one of many former lobbyists hired in the Obama administration, despite promises to the contrary and very public claims to have kept that promise.

Hurlbut “managed the [Department of Energy]’s principal initiatives including oversight of the federal agency’s day-to-day operations, $27 billion budget and 115,000-person workforce. In addition, he led the transition team from Energy Secretary Chu to current Secretary Moniz before departing the DOE in June” — at least according to his new employer, green-car maker ECOtality.

Lachlan Markay at the Free Beacon has the story:

Hurlbut marks a high profile addition to a roster of political connections that helped ECOtality secure more than $100 million in taxpayer financing for its electric vehicle charging stations.

ECOtality secured a $99.8 million award in 2009 to install nearly 15,000 electric vehicle chargers throughout the country. The contract was integral to the president’s stated goal of getting a million electric vehicles on the road by 2015.

“During my service at the Department of Energy, I was committed to the president’s goal to accelerate electrification of our transportation sector,” Hurlbut wrote in a statement on the move.

“I was proud to support a DOE team that made substantial progress on that goal,” he added. “I believe the future is bright for the electric vehicle industry where ECOtality is a leader.”

ECOtality has adopted an explicitly political business strategy in an effort to secure federal subsidies that continue to account for the bulk of its revenue.

“I’m a political beast,” then-CEO Jonathan Read said in a July 2007shareholder conference call. “Playing the political card is something that when the time is right we’re going to play very hard.”

The next year, then-presidential candidate Obama rolled out his plan to get a million electric vehicles on the road by 2015.