To see the impact of President Obama's new goal of a nation reliant on renewable and efficient energy, look no further than his vacation home of Hawaii, where a new analysis finds the state's demand for efficient fuels helps to give it the costliest energy in the country.

"Hawaii's mandates for expensive and inefficient renewable sources restrict access to more affordable energy. But such policies are akin to what President Obama has championed as being in the best interests of the country," said the analysis from Institute for Energy Research.

"His misunderstanding of the importance of affordable energy to a widely diverse nation may be informed by his Hawaii upbringing, since Hawaii has a uniquely different energy situation than the rest of the nation," added the free-market energy group.

Because all energy also has to be imported to the island state, prices are sky high. Gasoline, for example, is about $4.35 a gallon. Electric rates are tops in the nation, though the state ranks near the bottom of electricity users due to the moderate climate.

Regulations are legendary in Hawaii. For example, the state is demanding that utilities generate 40 percent of their net electricity sales from renewable sources by the end of 2030. And all new single-family residential housing must use a solar water heater.

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