When President Obama completes his second of four New York fundraisers today, he will pass the total number of fundraisers former President George W. Bush conducted through his whole 18-month reelection campaign.

To put the 100 milestone in perspective, he hasn't played golf that many times, hitting 90 while he was in Hawaii last December for the first family's Christmas vacation, one of 16 the Obama's have taken while in office.

According to CBS White House Correpondent Mark Knoller, the unofficial keeper of White House statistics, Bush at this point of his reelection campaign had attended 49 fundraisers. And over Bush's whole reelection campaign, from May 2003-November 2004, he attended a total of 97 fundraisers, of which 57 were for his Bush-Cheney reelection campaign and the rest for the Republican National Committee.

While Democrats, the Democratic National Committee and the Obama-Biden reelection campaign are tickled with his fundraising, hitting the Century mark brought sneers from Republicans.

Republican National Committee spokesman Sean Spicer told Washington Secrets, "The president has spent the equivalent of five work weeks raising money to save his own job rather than focus on the millions of Americans who are struggling to find work. In pursuit of a billion dollar warchest, he has shattered the amount of time and number of events any president has ever spent to focus on saving their own job."

Bill Clinton also hosted dozens of fundraisers, many in the White House, but a total for him is not available.

The four New York events come after an official event in New Hampshire where the president is scheduled to deliver a speech on energy policy. By adding the fundraisers to an official trip, the president's campaign only has to pay for the New York stop of Air Force One.