President Obama's old campaign team at Organizing for Action wants to stage confrontations between pro-Obamacare activists and the Republican lawmakers who oppose the law.

To that end, the group sent an apparent recruiting email seeking volunteers to "walk up to a Repealer" and ask about Obamacare.

"I'd love to see a constituent who now has coverage walk up to a Repealer and ask: 'Do you STILL want to take away my health care?' " OFA executive director Jon Carson wrote in the latest email to Democratic activists.

"That's the question these lawmakers have to answer. And those are the people they have to answer to. Say you'll be part of the team that's asking those tough questions — add your name today," Carson added.

Maybe the email is just the latest in OFA's long series of list-building messages, but Carson does seem very specific about the fact that he wants a person-to-person encounter, rather than simply dropping off a petition or even "melting the phones" of legislative office, to borrow an Image from Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas.

OFA wouldn't be the first liberal group to send activists to confront Republicans in this Congress. "The theory in the past has been to be stealth about the effort to confront members at town halls -- but sometimes it's been too stealth, and we haven't generated enough activity," Brad Woodhouse, president of Americans United for Change, told the Huffington Post when describing his plan for the August recess town halls. "Since everyone knows that both sides are doing this, we're going to be public-facing about it."