In its effort to get the public jazzed about President Obama’s sixth annual State of the Union Address, the White House is offering something different: cheese.

Taking a page from former President Andrew Jackson, who famously invited Americans into the White House to nibble on a 1,400-pound block of cheese and share their views of the nation, the Obama White House opening its digital doors for a internet meet and greet.

They are calling it the “Big Block of Cheese Day” when, on Wednesday, staffers will take to social media sites for a day-long open house to talk about Obama's Tuesday night address.

It is part of the promotional efforts the White House has engaged in over the past week to interest the public in the speech. News reports suggest that the public is tuning the president out.

Also called “Operation Cheddar,” the promotion has included instagrams from top White House aides working on the speech and a video that features big moments in past State of the Unions.

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