President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama will celebrate their 21st wedding anniversary home at the White House with Washington in the midst of a government shutdown.

Last year, the first couple's anniversary was also disrupted by politics, as Obama attended a debate against GOP nominee Mitt Romney in Denver. The president and first lady celebrated their 2012 anniversary — their 20th — three days later with a dinner at Bourbon Steak restaurant in Georgetown.

In 2009, the Obamas also hit the town for their anniversary, visiting Blue Duck Tavern, and in 2011 dined at Restaurant Eve in Alexandria, Va.

Washington will enter its fourth day of the federal government shutdown on Friday.

Republicans want to use a government funding bill to block or delay Obamacare and are pressing the president to negotiate with them on steeper budget cuts and entitlement reforms in exchange for raising the nation's debt ceiling later this month.

Obama has said he will not negotiate and is urging Republicans to pass a clean continuing resolution and raise the borrowing limit.

On Thursday, Obama said in a speech in Maryland that House Speaker John Boehner's inability to confront conservative Republicans blocking a clean CR is the "only thing" keeping the government from reopening.