There is so much silly about Obama's new attack ad on Mitt Romney above -- I'll post about Obama subsidizing overseas manufacturing later -- but the attack on Romney's Swiss bank account is the dumbest part.

And, frankly, Obama isn't the type of guy I would expect to make a big deal about Swiss banks.

Consider that Obama appointed as IRS Chief Counsel William J. Wilkins, a former lobbyist for the Swiss Bankers Association (despite Obama's claims that he has "excluded lobbyists from policy making jobs"). Also, Obama's No. 2 White House aide, Mona Sutphen, has cashed out to Swiss Bank UBS.

Also, Obama's "new best friend," and golf and basketball buddy according to a 2011 New York Times article is Robert Wolf, CEO of UBS. Obama put Wolf on his Economic Advisory Board.

So if Swiss banks are somehow baaad, as Obama implies in his attack ad, which is worse: keeping some of your money in a Swiss bank, or being very cozy with the lobbyists and executives of Swiss banks?