The disastrous rollout of President Obama's signature health care initiative has helped to crater the faith Americans have in the federal government, with only 19 percent having a favorable view of Washington and a shocking 67 percent with an unfavorable view.

Blame Obamacare, according to the new Economist/ poll. The health insurance system that has stumbled from the start is viewed as a “complete failure” by 37 percent of the nation.

“The federal government’s current problems with its health care website [[, which allows people to purchase health insurance coverage, may have prompted Americans to think of the law as a failure in its entirety, and encouraged negative views of the federal government,” said the authoritative pollster.

The problems with the Obamacare website has also contributed to the increase in Americans eager for the president’s biggest legislative success to be repealed. In May, 36 percent wanted Obamacare repealed. Now it’s 42 percent.

Those woes are also contributing to the view of Americans that the federal government shouldn’t be in the insurance business. Asked which is better at providing health care coverage, 15 percent said Uncle Sam while 40 percent chose private companies.

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