I spent two fairly lengthy stretches on the floor of the convention between 7pm and 9pm--and to my surprise the aisles are not crowded at all. Lots of room, particularly in the far corners.

It's not that the delegates are downcast. On the contrary, they enjoy cheering over and over again for those denouncing Barack Obama's "You didn't build that" comment. And the convention managers have been playing over and over the audio (but not the video) of Obama speaking those words, and those just before ("There's a lot of smart people out there"), providing the context that confirms rather than refutes the sentiment Republicans say is behind Obama's words.

There seemed to be genuinely enthusiastic applause and enthusiasm for Govs. Bob McDonnell of Virginia and Scott Walker and for Utah House candidate Mia Love as well. But as I look out at 9:13, the aisles are half-empty. Surely they'll fill up for Ann Romney and Chris Christie.