Cathy Stepp is not smart. And that’s not because she decided to wear a disguise and help her daughter cheat through a driving exam. No, her intelligence is questionable because Stepp let that same child, the one too dimwitted to understand the rules of the road, introduce her on her first day of work.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Stepp was recently appointed the new EPA Region 5 administrator and so Stepp brought her 23-year-old daughter on stage in front of 200 EPA employees. It didn’t go well.

“I failed my first driving test,” Hannah told Chicago Inc., repeating a story that she acknowledges she told the packed room of her mother’s staff Jan. 11. “My mom said, ‘You’re not going to fail it again!’”
“She put on a disguise of a fake nose and sunglasses and went to the DMV and followed someone taking the driving portion of the test so that she could learn the route, and then we practiced it,” Hannah continued. “I didn’t fail the second time!”

This double dipping of absurdity is not an isolated incident, of course. Turns out, Stepp was also terrible at her job as secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources before getting the call from the White House. During her six years, enforcement flagged, revenues from fines dropped, and residents regularly complained about problems like manure-contaminated drinking water.

"Of the seven DNR secretaries I have known, she clearly had the worst record in terms of standing up for protection of natural resources, whether it was water, air, or fish and wildlife," George Meyer, a former Wisconsin DNR secretary, told the Wisconsin State Journal.

But Stepp isn’t without merit. She stumped for Trump twice during the campaign, an act that apparently atones for a multitude of sins.