Even when they don't have a new album in the works or to promote, Kevin Barnes and of Montreal stay busier than most acts.

Following February's most recent full-length effort "Paralytic Stalks," the band released a compilation titled "Daughter of Cloud" in October and is currently working on a documentary.

Of Montreal performs Friday at the 9:30 Club.

With "Paralytic Stalks" now 10 months old, the band plans to perform music from "Daughter of Cloud" and songs they haven't played live in a while for this tour. Frontman and creative mastermind Barnes added that the group will offer a new theatrical production this time around.

Of Montreal
Where: 9:30 Club, 915 V Street NW
When: 8 p.m, Friday
Info: $20; with Foxygen and French Horn Rebellion; 930.com

"Daughter of Cloud" is 17 tracks of rarities dating back to 2007. Barnes said that what started out as a planned EP turned into a collection of misfits.

"I just wanted to release them and share them with the world rather than just kind of hoard them," Barnes said.

Much like "Daughter of Cloud," the not-yet-completed documentary "Song Dynasties" also had an organic origination. The band initially recorded some live shows, but "didn't really know what to do with the footage," Barnes said. The group had some archival footage on hand, and recruited friend and filmmaker Jason Miller to piece it together.

"We realized we could tell a pretty interesting story with what we had and just collecting a little bit more footage of recent stuff," Barnes said, before adding, "It could go on forever. Eventually you have to say 'stop' at some point."

Of Montreal has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to complete the project. Fans who contribute can receive special goodies and access to the band. The campaign concludes Wednesday.

"Not to be too mystical, but sometimes things want to happen," Barnes said. "Some how inside you psychologically you need these things to happen, so a more comprehensive documentary just sort of came to be."

Barnes himself has not been involved in the creating of "Song Dynasties." He understands that to tell an honest story of of Montreal's so far 16-year history requires an unbiased outsider's perspective.

"I don't think I could really do it myself," Barnes said. "It's hard to self-edit. I think it's better for someone to be more on the outside. It's probably better for someone else to do it."