Capital Bikeshare has shiny red bikes on street corners all over the region, with plans to expand. But surprisingly, those cherry red numbers haven't been stolen very often.

Only 15 bikes have gone missing out of the 1,900 bikes ordered for the bikesharing service since it began in fall 2010, according to Capital Bikeshare officials. The bicycles are available in the District, Arlington and Alexandria, with plans under way to expand to Montgomery County and College Park.

About 40 have disappeared for short periods but usually turn up after a few days ditched in an alley or returned to a bike docking station, bikeshare officials said Wednesday. Of those, only 15 never came back.

For comparison, the D.C. police recover hundreds of stolen and abandoned bikes each year - a statistic that doesn't include the bikes that are stolen but never show up.

Updated: D.C. police say 1,797 bikes were reported stolen in 2012 and 1,835 were in 2011.