Do you remember 'N Sync member Lance Bass? No? Well, President Obama does, and the former boy band singer is at the White House to discuss … health care reform.

In a now-deleted tweet on Wednesday morning, Bass said he was "entering the White House to meet w[ith] the president to discuss health care reform."

Because what do Americans need right now? Celebrities solving our problems.

And what qualifies Bass to discuss our health care? Well, in 2001 he founded the Lance Bass Foundation, a nonprofit established to help low-income children find health care. The foundation doesn't appear to have a website and there's no mention of it on Bass' official website. There's also no mention of it on a Bass fan page on Facebook.

Bass did give $30,000 in 2003 to establish the Amber Pulliam Special Education Endowment the University of Southern Mississippi in honor of his younger cousin, who has Down syndrome. Again, there’s no mention of this on Bass’ websites.

So why is Bass meeting with Obama?

Apparently Bass is another faded celebrity who has been recruited to try and get young people to sign up for Obamacare.

Because Bass is still relevant, right?

In a follow-up tweet, Bass mentioned he has been "dealing w[ith] too many charities lately," even though, as stated above, no such involvement is mentioned on his websites.

Bass also told people who were criticizing his White House visit to "grow up" and that "a handful of private citizens were invited to talk about health care."

Forgot the time Obama met with non-celebrities who were hurt by Obamacare.

This story was posted at 2:55 p.m. and updated at 4:06 p.m.