Omarosa Manigault Newman was an idiot for trying to outmaneuver White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and avoid being fired.

But that's exactly what happened on Tuesday, when President Trump's public liaison officer was fired by the White House chief of staff.

The Wall Street Journal reports a source who described Manigault being "physically dragged and escorted off the campus." White House reporter April Ryan says things were worse than that. Manigault, she says, apparently demanded to see Trump and was "very vulgar" to Kelly when he refused. Ryan then says Manigault tried to access the White House residence anyway!

Bad move.

Unamused Secret Service officers and agents unsurprisingly refused to grant access to the irate staffer, and she was forced from the compound. Indeed, Manigault was lucky that she was not arrested or otherwise more forcibly detained: As I've explained, the Secret Service take a very dim view of individuals who attempt to gain unauthorized proximity to the president.

For those who are surprised by her antics, don't be. When I asked the Washington Examiner's Sarah Westwood for her view, she was utterly unsurprised. Manigault, Westwood said, "was known for making headlines."

But there's one final point here. It says a great deal about Manigault's delusional ego that she thought she'd be able to outmaneuver John Kelly. After all, Marine infantry officers like Kelly thrive on the intellectual and physical manifestation of maneuver warfare tactics. As all newly minted marine second lieutenants are taught, "There are six forms of maneuver: frontal attack, flanking attack, envelopment, turning movement, infiltration [and] penetration."

In each case, Kelly was always best placed to achieve victory.