The White House is instructing government agencies to plan for a government shutdown as Congress faces a midnight deadline to pass a spending bill.

“The Office of Management and Budget is currently preparing for a lapse in appropriations,” an official with Office of Management and Budget told the Washington Examiner. “As we stated earlier today, we support the Bipartisan Budget Act and urge Congress to send it to the President's desk without delay.”

Senate leaders had reached a deal to pass a budget omnibus bill next month, but before that the plan was to pass a short-term spending measure Thursday to fund the government until March 23.

However, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., has delayed a unanimous consent agreement to expedite the process of considering the continuing resolution because he is calling for a vote to keep current spending caps in place. The deal as it stands aims to ignore budget caps in order to increase national security spending and nondefense spending in the omnibus bill that is expected to be passed next month.

Meanwhile, House conservatives are concerned about a spending package that would add to the deficit and Democrats are bucking the proposal because Congress has not included a provision to safeguard young undocumented immigrants.

The government was partially shut down for three days last month due to an impasse over the last short-term spending deal.