Despite serving as his secretary of state, Hillary Clinton has had a few disagreements with President Obama on foreign policy over the years.

From their time in the Senate to the 2008 campaign and beyond, Clinton has been much more hawkish than Obama, supporting more aggressive interventions in overseas conflicts.

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Supporting the Iraq war

The most notable difference between the two was the Iraq war, which Clinton voted for and Obama spoke out against, even though he was only a state senator at the time. Clinton now says she was wrong to vote for it.

Maintaining troops in Iraq

The former U.S. ambassador to Iraq said Clinton was a strong advocate for keeping troops in Iraq past 2011, when the U.S. withdrew. Obama, who had campaigned for president on ending the war, ended up withdrawing the troops.

Setting a deadline in Afghanistan

In 2009, President Obama announced an 18-month deadline for bringing U.S. troops back from Afghanistan. In her new autobiography, Clinton says she opposed making such a firm -- and public -- deadline.

Pushing Mubarak to step down

During the Arab Spring protests, the White House pushed Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to step down, despite years as an ally in the region. Clinton wrote in her book that she backed a more orderly transition.

Calling for a freeze on Israeli settlements

In 2009, Obama called on Israel to freeze the development of any new settlements in contested areas. In her book, Clinton wrote that she thought that would unnecessarily stir up problems.

Arming Syrian rebels

When the Syrian civil war was in its early stages, Clinton supported sending arms to support moderate rebels, an approach Obama rejected.

Broadcasting pro-democracy messages to Cuba

The U.S. government spends millions broadcasting pro-democracy messages to Cuba through Radio Marti. As a senator, Clinton voted to support the program; Obama, to cut spending.