It's a heartwarming tale of David vs. Goliath that Alec MacGillis tells at The New Republic:

Why did so many states that fiercely guard their prerogative to handle their own affairs cede control of their health insurance markets to Washington?

Well, a disproportionate share of the credit or blame—depending on how you’re looking at it—goes to a person you’ve probably never heard of: Michael Cannon.

Cannon, a health expert at the libertarian Cato Institute, was tickled by the attention, and he wrote on it today. Here's the most interesting part:

The fact that 34 states have refused to establish an Obamacare exchange and 25 states have refused to implement the law’s Medicaid expansion is truly a grassroots phenomenon. In all my travels, speaking to dozens if not hundreds of state officials, I cannot remember ever seeing any special interest group taking our side. The insurance companies, the hospitals, the drug companies were all against us. When employers took a side, they were against us too.

I tracked industry lobbying for Obamacare implementation across states, and I saw what Cannon saw. I just didn't think the industry could be beaten. But sometimes, as the tale of Michael Cannon shows, the little guy wins.