Postal Service employees have credit cards that can be used to make cash withdrawals against government funds, and 11 percent of their ATM withdrawals were determined to be "inappropriate," according to an inspector general's report published Tuesday.

The cards are supposed to be used for travel, but of 328 "high risk" cash advances examined by the IG, 102 didn't occur on a trip.

Unallowable cash withdrawals uncovered by the IG, that Postal Service managers had not detected themselves, totaled $25,430.

The audit covered only the Postal Service's Western area, but in that area alone, 2,220 different employees used their government travel cards during the period covered, the year ending in March 2013.

Those purchases totaled $5 million to vendors such as hotels, restaurants and airlines, and about a quarter-million dollars in cash.

The IG took a look because, although there are more than a dozen travel card coordinators who are supposed to flag disallowed withdrawals, they weren't trained on their job duties until recently.