More than one-third of baesball fans attending Friday's Washington Nationals game used Metro to get home after the late-night game that quashed the team's post-season hopes.

Metro logged 15,678 riders entering the system after the game ended, with 12,858 at Navy Yard-Ballpark and the rest from the Capitol South, Federal Center or Waterfront stations, according to Metro. Those figures do not include the regular ridership the system would have had on a Friday night, Metro spokesman Philip Stewart said.

That's 37 percent of the 41,546-seat Nats stadium.

The flood of riders would have been far more than LivingSocial, the D.C.-based daily deals site, would have needed to break even on its offer to pay for extra Metro service. But the company never needed to make good on its promise to pay as the Nats sputtered out before any late-night weeknight games. Metro already stays open until 3 a.m. on Friday nights, and the other home games started early enough to end well before the last train.

LivingSocial had pledged to keep Metro open up to two hours after all late weeknight games in the post-season, winning praise and good publicity after an impasse among the team, Metro and the District. Under the terms of the deal, it would have been reimbursed for the $29,500-per-hour deposit if it had just 5,504 riders pass through the system each hour during the late-night service.