Who do you want to see play in New Orleans? Two weeks of hype -- as only the Super Bowl can bring -- is at stake. We grade how interesting the potential matchups are:

49ers vs. Patriots
There's a lot to like about this matchup with the contrast in the coaches, maniacal Jim Harbaugh and monotone Bill Belichick; the offenses, led by new-age, tattooed Colin Kaepernick and aging superstar Tom Brady; and the teams, the lovable Niners and the unlovable Patriots. In addition, Brady, who is from the Bay Area and grew up a Joe Montana fan, has a chance to match his idol with his fourth title. When the teams met in Week 15, it was a 41-34 thriller in New England, where the Niners recovered after blowing a big lead. Grade » A

Ravens vs. 49ers
People are salivating over the potential of the HarBowl -- Ravens coach John Harbaugh against his brother, Jim. But haven't we already exhausted all the angles there? Dad Jack Harbaugh has gotten as much air time as Oprah in recent years talking about his competitive boys. Do we really want two weeks of that? On the flip side, the game could be interesting with two quick-strike offenses, though it's not hard to imagine Aldon Smith spooking Joe Flacco and helping turn it into a rout. Grade » C

Ravens vs. Falcons
Ray Lewis, Super Bowl, Atlanta? It was a volatile combination 13 years ago, so let's get ready to rumble. Seriously, this game would be a tough sell with two charisma-challenged quarterbacks and a lack of star-power except for the omnipresent Lewis. The retiring linebacker undoubtedly would highjack all the attention, much the way Ravens tight end Shannon Sharpe did before Super Bowl XXXV. Grade » C-

Falcons vs. Patriots
For some reason, teams from landlocked cities in the Southeast such as Atlanta don't create much buzz for the Super Bowl. The Panthers (2004), Titans (2000) and Falcons (1999) were uninvited guests, dull in the run-up and one-and-done losers in the game. In a matchup of Atlanta and New England, most of the focus would be on the evil-empire Patriots and on Boston College grad Matt Ryan trying to beat the team from his old city. Yawn. Grade » D

- Kevin Dunleavy