A Republican primary challenger to Sen. Dean Heller, R-Nev., began a campaign rally in Las Vegas with a bit of a mix-up on Saturday, saying that he was running to unseat former Democratic senator Harry Reid.

As Danny Tarkanian, a Nevada businessman, began by telling the crowd about the Tarkanian Professional Center, where the rally was taking place. He said that it was opened in 2007 amid the onset of the Great Recession, but that hard work led to it now being 100 percent leased.

"We're going to use that same hard work, perserverence, and never-give-up attitude to defeat Harry Reid in this U.S. Senate seat," he said. Reid, the former majority, then minority leader in the Senate, retired in January.

Members of the crowd informed Tarkanian of his mistake, to which he said, "Dean Heller, Dean Heller, yea."

Someone in a video posted to Twitter shouted, "What's the difference?"

Tarkanian quipped, "As with Dean, sometimes I get confused about what side he's on."

Tarkanian, who has run for public office in the past, announced earlier this month his campaign to run against Heller, who is seen as a moderate, in 2018. He is running his campaign closely aligned with President Trump.

"We're never going to make American great again unless we have senators in office that fully support President Trump and his America first agenda," Tarkanian said on "Fox & Friends," while announcing his bid.