Amid the crowded news cycle of the Trump presidency, one company ripped a significant tear in the cultural fabric of America, marking an imperceptible change with major implications, lost entirely on me until now.

Doritos have gone organic.

Apparently Frito-Lay debuted the product, dubbed "Simply Organic Doritos," earlier this year with little fanfare, furtively foisting this monstrous hybrid on consumers left to wonder what has become of their country.

Doritos are wonderful as they are. And what they are is a symbol of the genius generated by free-market forces. Cynical efforts to concoct a version that sacrifices taste in the name of health will only fail at the hands of those same fickle forces.

Or, perhaps, the demands of health-conscious shoppers inspired Frito-Lay to create a delicious and nutritious version of their cherished Doritos that does not sacrifice taste at all.

I wouldn't know because I haven't had the courage to try them.

Emily Jashinsky is a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner.