The public doesn’t seem to give a hoot about the kerfuffle over the lack of minorities nominated for an academy award, and even though just 9 percent have seen “American Sniper,” it’s their choice for best movie.

A new Ipsos/Reuters poll throws cold water on the racially-charged #OscarsSoWhite trend and other campaigns suggesting that the overly liberal Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences was biased this year against blacks and other minorities in picking Oscar nominees.

In a series of questions, the poll found that most Americans believe that Hollywood doesn’t have a “problem” with women or minorities.

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By a margin of 70 percent to 30 percent, the 2,385 polled said Hollywood does not have “a general problem with women.” The margin was 69 percent to 31 percent on the same question about minorities.

Asked if Tinseltown “shies away from making Oscar-caliber movies that appeal to minorities,” 68 percent said no, 32 percent yes.

In other findings, 65 percent said they have not seen any Oscar-nominated films.

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For example, just 9 percent have seen “American Sniper.” But it is the top choice for best movie, with 22 percent picking it. Second is Selma at 8 percent.

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