That was fast. Just hours after Tom Perez won a split-Senate vote Thursday to become the next secretary of Labor, an urgent email was dispatched to top Labor officials ordering them to quickly remove photos of the previous boss, Hilda Solis.

"Remove the pictures of former Secretary Solis from your work spaces by noon this Friday, July 18, 2013," barked the email.

But, added the email, workers were told to keep the frames. Instructions will be dispatched soon showing officials how to put the new photo of Perez into those frames.


Sent: Thursday, July 18, 2013

Subject: URGENT: Removal of Former Secretary Hilda L. Solis' Photos

DOL Administrative Officers

Pending the arrival of a new Secretary of Labor, it is requested that all DOL agencies remove the pictures of former Secretary Solis from your work spaces by noon this Friday, July 18, 2013 and temporarily store them in your offices. Keep in mind, that the frames will be reused once a new Secretary has been confirmed and the new photos are available. Additional guidance will be provided on how the new Secretary's photos will be inserted in the existing frames when those photos are available. That being said, pictures should be carefully removed to prevent damage to the frames and walls.

It is requested that you follow-up with your program offices and staffs here in the national office and your regional offices to get this accomplished by the above deadline.

If you require assistance for removal of out-of-reach photos, please contact the Customer Service Office at extension 693-5001 here in Frances Perkins Building (FPB), or your servicing facility manager for non-FPB locations.

Your timely assistance is appreciated.

Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management

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