A CNBC reporter who used the phrase "chink in the armor" when discussing Fox CEO Rupert Murdoch's divorce case against his Asian wife Wendi Deng is coming under fire for using the "slur."

Media Matters drew attention to the comments by CNBC's Robert Frank, and the Asian American Journalists Association said that while the phrase may have been spoken "innocently," using the word "chink" in any context is out of bounds.

The comment also raised eyebrows in the TV world which just shook off the latest scandal when an ESPN worker was fired for using the same word in an online headline over a story about basketball star Jeremy Lin.

The episode occurred Tuesday on the CNBC show Power Lunch. Frank was discussing Deng's divorce case when he asked a guest, "What do you think the chink in the armor here might be?" The guest didn't pause when the phrase was uttered, and simply answered the question.

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