Two explosions near the Turkish capital Ankara killed at least 86 people that had gathered for a peace march, according to media reports. Another 186 are injured.

Photos from the scene show bloodied bodies covered with peace protest signs and flags, with body parts strewn across the road.

Turkey's president called the attacks "terrorist acts." A senior Turkish security official said the blasts were the result of a suicide bombing, reports Reuters.

"I was walking next to a stage rally truck," a witness told a local station, reports NBC News. "Right here, behind two banners, an explosion went off. We lay on the ground. The second bomb went off there. There were two bombs but the one that went off here was a very strong one."

The protests were planned by political groups and labor unions, as well as aid groups protesting the country's conflict with the Kurdish separatists. Protesters held leftist party pro-Kurdish HDP banners while others held hands and danced before the bombs exploded behind them, video footage shows.

A Turkish official said all images showing the blasts have been banned, NBC News reports. The leader of the HDP blamed Turkey for the "huge massacre," and the HDP party believes it was the target of the bombings. It has cancelled all election rallies, BBC News reports.