Police in Prince George's County have arrested two people in connection with the robbery of an 80-year-old woman.

Police charged 25-year-old LeJean Nicola Lancaster and 24-year-old Michael Elijah Brown with the crime.

The incident occurred on Tuesday, and police say Brown and Lancaster took the woman's purse near the 7000 block of Berry Road in Accokeek at a takeout restaurant.

Lancaster opened the restaurant's door for the woman and her husband, then pushed the woman and grabbed her purse, police said. As she tried to get away, Lancaster was tackled and held down by the victim's husband and another man. Lancaster bit both men as Brown punched the unidentified man in the face. When Lancaster was unable to get away, Brown fled the scene. Lancaster was arrested at the scene and admitted to trying to rob the woman.

She has been charged with robbery and second degree assault.

On Thursday, police apprehended Brown in Montgomery County. He is also charged with robbery and assault.