Ethan Krupp, the face of the Obama administration's “Get Talking” campaign to force health insurance discussions with your family, grew up as many would expect: in a wealthy environment.

Krupp attended New Trier Township, a high school attended by the wealthiest Chicago has to offer. Surrounded by other children of the 1 percent, Krupp was not taught the value of hard work or entrepreneurship, according to New Trier Township High School alumnus R.J. Moeller.

“A lot of kids from my high school saw the affluence and influence wielded by their families, but never had the benefit of someone explaining to them how to properly think about and use such blessings,” Moeller said. “Even fewer were equipped with a proper appreciation of how exactly their parents’ money was made and the entrepreneurial spirit that powers the engine of America’s economic growth.”

Moeller attended New Trier because his father was a pastor in the school’s district — he was not part of the wealthy elite, he said.

Coming from a middle-class family, Moeller was able to understand why conservative policies work and why liberal ones don’t.

“Someone like Pajama Boy ended up the poster boy for massive wealth redistribution and government intervention into the personal lives of its citizens after being raised in a privileged environment populated by people who reject such naive, idealistic notions in the practice of their everyday lives and careers,” Moeller said. “Very few successful people can afford to actually 'live out' liberalism’s fiscal policies. The math doesn’t add up.”

Someone like Krupp ended up the way he did because, as Moeller explained, the basic tenets of humanity — caring for one’s fellow man — stuck with even the privileged children of New Trier, but the “parental hand-washing” of passing the duties on to someone else were taught to them at the school.

And that’s a commentary on the liberal mind. Instead of teaching people to help each other, the ever-present government is the one to help. It’s not enough that people donate to charities, they must donate to the government charities (which are inefficient) as well.

Ethan Krupp was not just the face of the latest Obamacare campaign: He was the face of so-called limousine liberals everywhere.