Sarah Palin on Friday joined the choir of Donald Trump supporters who believe Texas Sen. Ted Cruz isn't entirely forthright with American voters.

Hours after Trump, whose White House bid she recently endorsed, blasted Cruz as the "worst liar" in the GOP presidential field, Palin posted an image of a Cruz campaign fundraising email to her Facebook page. In the email, Cruz assures his supporters that he "will never get — no do I want — money from the D.C. lobbyists or the special interest billionaires ..."

Beneath the text, which is circled in red, is a list of super PACs and big banks that have contributed money to the Texas senator.

The list includes multinational corporations like Goldman Sachs as well as conservative PACs like Club for Growth, with contributions ranging from $44,000 to $700,000.

"My oh my. Why must campaigns lie," Palin captioned the post on her Facebook page. Not too long ago, the former vice presidential candidate took to social media to criticize Palin in another viral post.

"Sen. Ted Cruz was spot on when he once noted that 'millions of Americans are asking for accountability and truth.' Which is why it's so curious — and saddens us — this lack of accountability with the lies of Cruz's own campaign," she wrote in early February, shortly after criticizing the Cruz campaign for spreading a false rumor that Ben Carson had exited the 2016 race minutes before the Iowa caucuses.

"The Cruz Campaign's actions to destroy a good man's efforts to serve are no different than Obama's practice of not holding anyone accountable. Typical politics. Typical politicians," she said.

Despite their concerted effort to undermine Cruz's credibility, Palin and Trump have not appeared on the campaign trial together since before the Iowa caucuses.