The president of the Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce apologized to Mar-a-Lago after its director urged charities to rethink holding events at the Florida resort owned by President Trump.

"If you have a conscience, you're really condoning bad behavior by continuing to be there," Palm Beach Chamber Executive Director Laurel Baker told charities last week. "Many say it's the dollars (raised at the events) that count. Yes. But the integrity of any or organization rests on their sound decisions and stewardship."

Bradburn wrote in an Aug. 21 letter that the chamber's three-member executive committee regretted Baker's comments, the Palm Beach Post reported.

"Please rest assured that the board of directors and members of the Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce did not endorse or approve Mrs. Baker's comments to the media," Bradburn said in her letter. "We apologize for any perceived association between those comments and the Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce."

The Chamber is scheduled to meet Thursday and is expected to take up the issue.