Former "Baywatch" star Pamela Anderson wants to put France's presidential candidates on the record about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Anderson sent several tweets Wednesday asking what conservative candidate Francois Fillion and centrist Emmanuel Macron would do for Assange if they won the upcoming presidential election. She also asserted that left-wing candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon would not only grant Assange citizenship but would also give him the nation's highest honor, the Legion of Honour.

"Julian, I and his supporters are watching the French election closely and obviously will support an effort to reunite him with his family," Anderson said on Twitter. She also said France has a "compassionate and courageous population" and believes it will "express its romantic nature" on election day.

Anderson's frequent visits to the Ecuadorian Embassy in London has led to speculation that the pair are dating. She has visited the embassy at least six times in the past year. In a lengthy post on her website in March she called Assange "one of my favorite people."

Melenchon has previously said he would back granting Assange and leaker Edward Snowden French citizen citizenship if he were elected. Marine Le Pen shared similar sentiments in a 2016 interview in which she repeated her calls for France to grant Assange asylum.

French voters will choose a new president in a two-round election April 23 and May 7.