Drivers in Silver Spring will have to pay more to park after Jan. 1, when new parking rates go into effect.

Short-term, long-term and permit parking all are scheduled to increase after the first of the year, though residents should expect the price changes to start gradually in some parking garages, said Rick Siebert, chief of the county's Division of Parking Management. He said all meters and pay stations should be switched over to the new prices by the end of January.

Short-term rates -- which are for cars parked less than four hours -- will increase from 75 cents an hour to $1 an hour. Long-term rates will increase from 60 cents to 65 cents an hour, and parking permits will rise to $123 for a monthly pass from $113.

The increased revenues are expected to bring in about $350,000 for the remainder of fiscal 2013, which ends June 30, and about $700,000 in fiscal 2014, Siebert said.

The increase was part of the Montgomery County Council's recommendation to increase parking costs in Bethesda and Silver Spring as it looked for ways to fill a budget hole. County officials told the council that lower-than-expected use would require more revenue from elsewhere. The number of parking tickets also fell because new pay-by-phone technologies allow drivers to add money to their meters remotely.

Bethesda's parking district saw long-term parking rates rise in June from 75 cents to 80 cents an hour and monthly permits raise from $140 to $150.

The county's other major parking district in Wheaton saw no rate increases in 2012.