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Buzz Cut:
• Partial shutdown clips Obama’s wings
• Playing games with service academy football?
• From the desk of George Will
• Paul leads Cruz in GOP 2016 stakes
• Bigfoot a Cardinals fan?

PARTIAL SHUTDOWN CLIPS OBAMA’S WINGS - The White House announced this morning that President Obama is dropping stops in Malaysia and the Philippines from a planned Asia trip scheduled to start this week “due to the government shutdown.” Still on the itinerary are stops in Brunei and Indonesia, Obama’s boyhood home. A senior administration official told Fox News that the remaining stops on the tour will continue to be evaluated. With barricades around war memorials (when veterans aren’t knocking them down) and state welfare programs reportedly turning away needy moms, Obama will be hard pressed to defend spending tens of millions of dollars on a trip that includes a visit the lush island of Bali, no matter how essential the White House says the diplomatic summits on the itinerary may be.

[FLOTUS’ tweet team furloughed - First Lady Michelle Obama’s office announced via Twitter: “Due to Congress’s failure to pass legislation to fund the government, updates to this account will be limited.”]

Money men - Obama will huddle today at the White House with Wall Street honchos, including some of his biggest political benefactors from firms like Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan, to discuss what to do about House Republicans’ demand that the president and his fellow Democrats make some concession on ObamaCare as part of a deal to restore funding for full federal operations. The big banks and investment firms still hold considerable clout with many in the Republican establishment, so pressure will certainly increase on Majority Leader Eric Cantor and other Wall Street allies to shut down the shutdown. Obama is scheduled to hit the campaign trail Thursday to publicly repeat his refusal to negotiate with Republicans over his health law or to offset increases to the federal borrowing limit. The White House is working hard to get ahead of the coming clash over borrowing, where the stakes for the economy are much greater.

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