A new survey from the Pew Research Center says Republicans and Democrats are dramatically split over whether someone can be a gender that's different from their biological gender.

The survey said 80 percent of Republicans believe a person's gender is determined by their sex at birth, but 64 percent of Democrats disagreed, and said a person’s gender can be different.

Among Democrats, the belief that a person's gender can change increases depending on the level of education. The survey said 77 percent of Democrats with a bachelors degree say that a person's gender is not limited to their gender at birth, while 60 percent of Democrats with some college experience and 54 percent of Democrats with no college experience agree.

There is also a racial split among Democrats. The survey said 55 percent of black Democrats believe a person's gender is determined at birth, compared to 41 percent for Hispanic Democrats and 24 percent of white Democrats.

In terms of ethnicity, 55 percent of Democrats are black; 41 percent are Hispanic; and 24 percent are white.

The two parties are also split on whether society has done enough, or too much, to accept transgender people. Among those who said society needs to be more accepting of transgender people, 60 percent are Democrats and 12 percent are Republicans.

But 57 percent of Republicans and just 12 percent of Democrats say that society has gone too far with its acceptance of transgender people.

The survey said 43 percent of Democrats say they know a transgender individual personally, compared to just 28 percent of Republicans.