An airliner carrying more than 300 people flew past the area where North Korea's intercontinental ballistic missile would eventually land in the Sea of Japan 10 minutes before the missile made impact, according to a report.

The missile test occurred Friday, and flight information indicated the commercial airliner was Air France flight 293, which was flying from Tokyo to Paris with 323 people on board, ABC News reported.

The ICBM ultimately landed 93 miles northwest of Okushiri Island in the Sea of Japan, according to the Japanese Defense Ministry.

Air France said its flight paths don't interfere with North Korea's missile test zones and said the plane wasn't in danger, telling ABC News the flight was operated "without any reported incident."

"Moreover, in cooperation with the authorities, Air France constantly analyzes potentially dangerous flyover zones and adapts its flight plans accordingly," Air France said in a statement.

Pentagon officials, though, have said in the past they're worried about the danger a potential missile poses aircraft operating in the region.

"This missile flew through busy airspace used by commercial airliners," Capt. Jeff Davis, a Pentagon spokesman, said after North Korea test-launched an ICBM on July 4. "It flew into space. It landed in Japan's exclusive economic zone, and an area that's used by commercial and fishing vessels. All of this completed uncoordinated."

Friday's ICBM test is the second North Korea has conducted.