Former New York Gov. George Pataki has endorsed Florida Sen. Marco Rubio for president.

Pataki quit the Republican race for the White House at the end of the 2015 calendar year with little support existing for his candidacy. He told Fox News that Rubio is uniquely capable of unifying GOP voters by November to win the presidency.

"I took a look at all the candidates and in my mind one person who stands out and that is Sen. Marco Rubio," Pataki said. "We need someone who's going to bring Americans together. Sen. Rubio has the leadership, he has the vision, he has the intelligence from Congress to understand what it takes to defend us against radical Islam. I'm proud to endorse Sen. Rubio."

Pataki continued to say that he would back any Republican presidential nominee, but it would be most difficult for him to support Donald Trump.

The former New York governor also said he did not think Rubio will win next week's Iowa caucus, but added that the senator should do well in New Hampshire. Pataki said Rubio has a national campaign capable of running the gauntlet and emerging victorious.