Sen. Patty Murray said a "technical error" in the bipartisan budget deal accidentally would cut pension benefits for retired disabled military veterans, but vowed the problem will be fixed immediately.

The Washington state Democrat, who brokered the deal with Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., took to the Senate floor Wednesday and promised the "unintended inclusion" would be remedied before the chamber votes on the bill and that benefits for disabled military pensioners wouldn't be cut.

"All of us know that our disabled veterans have made tremendous sacrifices for our nation and deserve the peace of mind that their benefits will not be adjusted under this compromise legislation," Murray said on the Senate floor Wednesday.

"The technical error certainly can, should and will be addressed."

The budget compromise would cut military pension cost-of-living raises by 1 percentage point for military retirees younger than 62. Disabled veterans were supposed to be exempt from the cut, but the bill's language doesn't make that distinction.

The Senate is expected to pass the budget deal late Wednesday afternoon. The package, which easily cleared the House last week, would avert a government shutdown until October 2015, restore $63 billion in scheduled cuts and trim the budget deficit by $22.5 billion.